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Ventura bail bonds

Golden State Bail Bonds works to alleviate the stress that accompanies any arrest. Our trusted staff will wait for you at the jail, in some cases even offer you a free ride home. If someone else has to pay your bond, we make it easy for them to make the Ventura bail bond.

Here's a quick overview of the bail bond process in Ventura:

  • With one phone call to (800) XXX-XXXX your friend or relative can get the necessary information, fill out the forms and pay the Ventura bail bond without leaving home. In most cases, you will pay 10 percent of the bond amount. If the bond is set at $3,000, you will pay us $300. Golden State Bail Bonds makes it that easy and we keep you from making an embarrassing trip down to the jail.
  • If a court appearance is required, Golden State Bail Bonds can have a representative available at court to get the Ventura bonding information and get the inmate out of jail as soon as possible. And we treat every client with the same care and compassion, whether they call us regularly or just need us one time.

The Ventura Police Department, located at 1425 Dowell Drive, does not have a jail and it contracts those services out to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. If you were caught driving too fast, driving drunk or for any other reason, you will need to post a Ventura bail bond at one of the county jails. Most new arrestees are taken by police to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility on South Victoria Avenue in Ventura. Some arrestees are taken to the East-Ventura County Jail, located on East Olsen Road in Thousand Oaks.

Golden State Bail Bonds is a member of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States and the California Bail Agents Association. Count on Golden State Bail Bonds for quick, courteous service, day or night if you need to post a Ventura bail bond to get out of jail. Call us at (800) XXX-XXXX to let us help you during this difficult time.

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