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Napa bail bonds

The Napa city limits are patrolled by the Napa Police Department, but if you are arrested and taken to jail, you will be housed at the Napa County Jail. The jail is one of three county jails in California that is not run by the county sheriff's office. Since 1975, the Napa County Jail has been a private facility. The jail is located at 1125 Third Street in Napa and can house 256 inmates.

Even though it is a private facility, The Napa County Jail is required to handle a Napa bond the same way as facilities that are run by the sheriff's office. The jail houses inmates arrested by Napa officers and other law enforcement officials in Napa County.

By calling Golden State Bail Bonds at (800) XXX-XXXX, you have made the first step in an easy 1, 2, 3 process for posting a Napa bail bond for a friend or relative.

Here's a quick overview of how bail bonds work in Napa:

  • We will find out what the charges are if you or your loved one is arrested by the Napa Police Department. Some traffic charges in Napa have an automatic bond, while many charges, particularly felonies, require an appearance before a judge, which will usually happen within 48 hours.
  • Your Napa bail bondsman will charge a percentage of the bond, usually at ten percent. At Golden State Bail Bonds, we take all major credit cards so that you can pay your Napa bail bond and be released from jail.
  • We can fax the forms to you or the forms can be downloaded from our website and sent to our company in Napa if a friend or relative is paying the bail.
  • If you are arrested and you need a ride back to your car, you don't have to ask anyone to come down to the Napa County Jail after you make bond. In most cases, your licensed Napa bail bondsman can take you back to your car or drive you home after you are released from jail.

Golden State Bail Bonds is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (800) XXX-XXXX and let us help you post a Napa bail bond.

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