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Huntington Beach bail bonds

Like many California police departments, the Huntington Beach Police Department has a "Pay and Stay" program. This program allows inmates to stay in the comfort of the Huntington Beach Jail, which many say is more comfortable than any of the other Orange County facilities, for a price. The program applies only to those who have been sentenced for misdemeanors. The Huntington Beach Jail, located at 2000 Main Street, is a popular lock up. Many inmates arrested in Tustin are also held there, due to overcrowding in the Tustin City Jail.

If you are recently arrested, you will find yourself in need of Huntington Beach bail bondsman. You don't want to have to ask friends or relatives to come down to the Huntington Beach jail. You want a Huntington Beach bail bondsman that will get out of jail quickly and easily.

Golden State Bail Bonds can help you. We deal with hundreds of friends and relatives each week who receive frantic calls from the Huntington Beach Jail from loved ones needing a Huntington Beach bail bond.

Golden State Bail Bonds' representatives make that process as painless as possible in a few simple steps:

  • Once we are called at (800) XXX-XXXX we immediately go to work for you. If you are posting a Huntington Beach bail bond but you don't want to come down to the jail, we will fax the needed forms to your home or office or you can download them from our website.
  • Once we have the paperwork, we can take the payment for the Huntington Beach bail bond over the phone. Golden State Bail Bonds takes all major credit cards.
  • If your friend or loved one does not have a ride home or back to their car, in most cases we are able to give them a free ride once the Huntington Beach bail bond is posted.

Golden State Bail Bonds can help you and your family with any type of Huntington Beach bail bond including:

  • Immigration bonds
  • Federal bail bonds
  • Criminal bonds
  • DUI bonds
  • Traffic bonds.

We treat all of our customers with care and compassion during a difficult time. Call us in Huntington Beach at (800) XXX-XXXX, anytime of the day or night and let us take care of the detail in posting a bail bond for your friend or relative

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