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Fremont bail bonds

Golden State Bail Bonds is there for anyone needing a bond in Fremont. We have licensed California bail bondsmen available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may have a lot of questions and at Golden State Bail Bonds and we will give you those answers based on our communication with law enforcement and our experience in Fremont.

The Fremont Police Department is one of the few local police departments in California with its own detention facility. If you are arrested in Fremont, California, you may not go directly to the county jail. The Fremont detention facility can house up to 60 prisoners. If you cannot pay a Fremont bail bond, you may be housed there until you are arraigned in court. Other defendants are transferred to the Alameda County Jail.

The Freemont Police Detention Facility also houses prisoners for the Newark Police Department, the Union City Police Department, the BART Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, East Bay Regional Park District Police Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).

Answers to Questions About Fremont Bail Bonds:

  • The Fremont Police Detention Facility houses inmates arrested by other law enforcement agencies, the first question is who has jurisdiction over setting the Alameda County bond. Your licensed Fremont bail bondsman will contact to the Fremont Police Detention Facility and determine the arresting agency.
  • Some charges have a preset bond and if you are arrested you may be released a matter of hours. Some charges require a formal appearance before a judge in Alameda County. Golden State Bail Bonds will have a Fremont bondsman there in both instances. We wait at the Fremont Police Detention Facility until the inmate is released. In some instances, the inmate may need a ride home or back to their car. We also can appear in court with the defendant when he appears before the judge for a bond hearing.
  • Golden State Bail Bonds makes it easy if you need to bail a friend or relative out of the Fremont Detention Center. We can fax the forms you need to your home or office or you can download them for our website. And since we take all major credit cards for a Fremont bail bond, you can even pay us on the phone.

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