Kings County Bail Bonds

Golden State Bail Bonds of Kings County, California


You may have heard the legal term "released on own recognizance" or "OR" or "ROR". Many times courtroom shows will talk about someone who is released from jail this way. However, it is rare that a judge will release someone on their own recognizance in real life. Even small traffic charges have preset bonds and if you are arrested in the city of Armona, Avenal, Corcoran, Hanford, Home Garden, Kettleman City, Lemoore, Lemoore Station or Stratford, you will need a Kings County bondsman.

The Kings County Sheriff's Office operates two jails:

  • Kings County Main Jail
    1400 W. Lacey
    Hanford, CA 93230
    Phone: (559) 582-3211 x2812
  • Kings County Jail
    Kings County Drive
    Hanford, CA 93230
    Phone: (559) 582-3211 x4102

If you find out Cousin Joe has been arrested in Kings County and needs a California bail bond to get out, the first call you should make is to Golden State Bail Bonds at 1-866-492-8387. Once we are on the job, you can leave the worrying to us. We will determine Cousin Joe's bail amount and how much money you need to get him of jail. Don't worry if it is 3 a.m. or 3 p.m. Our licensed, California bail agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We handle all types of bonds surety, immigration, criminal or traffic bonds.

Here are some things you should know about our easy bail service:

  • Don't panic if you are told Cousin Joe's bail is $5,000. The legal rate in California is 10 percent. At Golden State Bail Bonds, we take all major credit cards.
  • You don't have to come to the Kings County Jail. You can get our forms off the computer or we can fax them to you at a convenient location. We'll even give Cousin Joe a ride home.
  • Don't expect Cousin Joe to get out jail quickly. Even if there is a preset Kings County bail bond amount, he still has to be booked and that can take several hours. If there is a more serious offense, he may have to wait to see a judge, which could take up to 24 hours.

At Golden State Bail Bonds, we know that dealing with an arrest is not a shining moment in your life. Perhaps you are embarrassed that Cousin Joe was arrested and had to call a Kings County bail bondsman. We know that even good people get into bad situations. That's why our professional California bail agents handle each situation with care and compassion. Call us at (800) XXX-XXXX for courteous, discreet and professional service.