Humboldt County Bail Bonds

Golden State Bail Bonds of Humboldt County, California

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You just received a call that your best friend is at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and need a Humboldt County bail bondsman. You have never even been to a jail before and on top of that, you live in Texas. You have no idea where Humboldt County is or how to post a bail bond in Humboldt County.

Eureka is the county seat of Humboldt County. Other cities and towns in the area are Arcata, Blue Lake, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Trinidad, Alderpoint, Alton, Bayside, Briceland, Blocksburg, Bridgeville, Carolotta, Cutten, Fernbridge, Fieldbrook, Gaberville, Harris, Honeydew, Hoopa, Humboldt Hill, Hydesville, Loleta, Manila, McKinleyville, Miranda, Myrtletown, Myers Flat, Orick, Orelans, Pepperwood, Petrolia, Phillipsville, Pine Hills and Redcrest.

The Humboldt County Correctional Facility can house up to 411 inmates at its facility located in downtown Eureka at 826 Fourth Street, next the Humboldt County Courthouse. Before an inmate can get their bonding information, they must go through the booking process. This includes:

  • A medical questionnaire
  • A search for weapons or drugs
  • A series or questions such as name and address. This information will be used by officers to complete a criminal check for additional warrants.
  • Inmates are allowed a phone call, which includes a call to a Humboldt County bondsman, before being photographed and fingerprinted.
  • If they are not able to be bonded out immediately, they are allowed to take a shower before changing into jail clothes before being assigned to a cell.

For some traffic charges, there is a preset bond amount and inmate you may be able to pay a Humboldt County bail bond immediately. Most charges require the defendant to go before a judge, which will happen within 48 hours, and the judge will determine the amount of the Humboldt County bail bond.

You want to post the Humboldt County bail bond for your friend, but you can't get there. That is no problem for Golden State Bail Bonds. We are a professional, full-service bonding company. We can help you online or over the phone with a bail bond in Humboldt County when you call us at (800) XXX-XXXX. Here are the steps we will take to help you and your friend:

  • After you call, we will find out the exact charges, the arresting agency and how bail should be posted.
  • We let you know this information and how much you will be required to pay to post bail. Golden State Bail Bonds forms are online, or if you prefer, we can fax them. You can return them online or fax them to us. You can pay the Humboldt County bail bond online or on the telephone or online. We accept all major credit cards.
  • You don't have to worry about your friend getting home from the Humboldt County Jail. In most cases, the Golden State bail bondsman can give them ride home.

Our friendly and professional Golden State Bail Bonds representatives are available seven day a week, 24 hours a day. We are there when you need us to help you with a Humboldt County bail bond.